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Rant time: Wil Wheaton and other people you just can’t hate.

 This is a bit backwards but hear me out.

I never liked Wesley Crusher, something about him just irked me. He was always so good, even when he was bad. And he wanted so much to be liked and part of the crew. Just…annoying.

Then Wil Wheaton was in the Big Bang Theory. I mean, I’ve seen him in other things, but the in the Big Bang Theory he played ‘himself’. And he was a dick. And it was nice. You could really hate him in a really satisfying way.

But now, now I get updates from his tumblr ( And he’s a very nice guy. He just comes across as so genuine, and so down to earth and…well…not a douchebag.

 And it’s so frustraiting to have once been able to have that satisfying anger directed at someone, and now *poof* it’s gone. It’s difficult to not like him. 

 And that’s annoying.

 Now I can’t be the only person in this situation. Not with Will Wheaton specifically, but with other people. People who you just wish you could hate, but they’re actually such nice people you can’t. Like for example, there’s that person you know, who is really smart/good looking/popular and you know they would be the kind of person you just don’t like, but the fact is they’re so damn friendly and nice you can’t not like them.

 People like this make the rest of us…mainly me…look bad. And I can’t even be all that angry about it.

Rant time: Re-Blogs

 In the sense that I don’t see the point of having a blog if all that is posted is reblogged from other people. I can understand if every now and again you see something cool and want to share it with others, but to have an entire blog that is nothing but recycled pictures is boring.

 I thought the idea of a blog was so other people can read and/or see what you do or what you’re all about. Something personal(ish). If you’re all about only showing what other people have done then who are you and, really, why bother?

 The worst are when they’ve got a crappy caption like:

'This is so me'



…Yeah, you are the other thousands of people who have reblogged it. And with tumblr anyway then there is a ‘like’ button so you don’t have to reblog the things you like. You just click the like button and *Ta-da!* as if by magic you can look at all the things you’ve liked. Simple enough one would think.

 These are not to be confused with those that only post submissions (on tumblr). These tend to be a catalogue of similar items, like tattoos people have, or cats in places they shouldn’t be. These work fine and can be highly entertaining. They aren’t a personal blog, and many of these go on to become books.

 Now I know somebody reading this would think;

'Well if you don't like what I post you don't have to look at it'

…And yeah I don’t because as soon as I notice that X blog is just regurgitated crap I un-subscribe or whatever you want to call it. Though this is a similar argument too 'Well you don't have to look at it, it's just MY shiz'. Which as I have said before, as soon as you publish anything on the internet it is no longer personal or private, so this argument is invalid.

 I mean, if you really felt the need to have a blog that is full of crap that makes you look like an empty human being then go for it, just don’t publish it. Keep it personal, like a diary but pictures.

 Maybe it’s just another one of those things about people that I don’t understand. Or maybe I expect too much of people, which is more likely.

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